About Us

At OmniNovaTM, we combine software algorithm and elegant hardware design to deliver the most intuitive connected experience, by making devices that will change how people interact with the future home. We leverage cutting-edge technology to solve problems, and strive to push the boundaries of innovation in AI-enabled hardware.

We are a growing startup team in US & Great China, who are passionate about creating innovative products and services that would make people's daily life easier. We are known for delivering the simplest smart wireless speaker - O2 Player.

We love brainstorming new ideas and challenging each other on the impossible and unknown. We make proof-of-concept prototypes in extremely fast pace whether it is a piece of codes, a printed circuit board, or a solid modeling design. Our team and culture are our most important assets, and we treat them that way. As we grow, we’re looking for more smart, motivated and fun people to join us.

OmniNova - Everyday Life, Simplified

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